Where does tension manifest in your body?

Let's face it, we experience stress and tension every day. Whether it be from work, money, family friends or a global pandemic, we all experience stress and tension. However, we do not need to hold onto it. Stress and tension is a normal response to our environment. Learning ways to release and gain an understanding of how stress and tension manifest in the body is beneficial for all of us in order to create a healing practice that is suitable for us.

For example, we can experience tightness, pinching, and discomfort in the neck and shoulders. In some cases, the pain radiates into the arms and chest. This is usually a sign of worry, mostly about money and security, and relationships. If you experience this sort of tension, try the exercise below. While you are practicing releasing the tension, allow the vision of the source of the tension to show itself, therefore making it easier to release. Remember to be gentle with yourself, and give yourself full permission to relax and let go. This is a practice that takes time. Some may be able to feel the difference immediately while others may need to break down energy blockages with consistent practice.

The next time you feel yourself tensing up, pause, and focus on your breathing. Close your eyes and scan your body with your mind. Where do you feel the tension or pain? When you become aware of where it is manifesting, direct your attention and breathe into it and imagine each exhale releasing tension from that area. Relaxing the muscles completely. The more you breathe in slowly and exhale the tension releases, gradually becoming completely relaxed. Make this a practice. The more you become aware of the spots that store physical and energetic tension the easier it becomes to release it. Journal where your pain manifests, identify patterns and create a practice of releasing energetic and physical tension. As always, give thanks for the healing and new understanding.

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