What does "Being Woke" mean to you?

I really am not a fan of this term because it creates an energy of inflated ego and superiority. Being woke does not mean you are in tune with other realms, or that you have a collection of stones, incense, and books. It does not mean you are a psychic or "god body".

"Being woke" simply means that you are aware of your character ( Iwa Pele- kind and gentle character). It means that you are fully engaged in what matters most and do not seek to create the suffering of others.

"Being Woke" does not afford you the title of ruler over anyone. Nor should a self-identified "woke" person judge others for not being so "woke". When you adopt this term "woke" check yourself. Ask yourself this...

Am I of a kind and gentle character?

Is my ego ruling over my spirit?

Do I seek to "educate" by diminishing or oppressing another because you feel they aren't as woke as you?

Is your ego making you believe that you are better than others spiritually and in the flesh?

Do I have a consistent practice and maintain integrity while in my practice?

How do I treat those of the same or opposite sex?

What keeps you fully engaged with life?

What brings you great joy?

Are you working on coming into alignment with your higher self on a consistent basis?

What encourages you?

Do you love and honor yourself daily, how?

What makes you feel most alive?

Are you respectful and loving of nature and animals?

What makes you angry?

What makes you shut down?

How do you overcome those moments?

How do you heal yourself?


Mindfulness or "being woke" is being engaged through all of our senses. It allows us to feel every aspect of life with gratitude. Journal your answers and observe how you feel throughout the process.

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