The Juicy Unicorn Detox Journey

Have you ever felt like your body just needed a reset? You feel tired, bloated, foggy, and gassy? Yep? Me too! Ever since we had to go on lock down I was doing my best to eat properly and cook all of my meals, well,most of them. I must say we have succeeded in cooking A LOT of meals and most of them are healthy but some are heavy old school Puerto Rican meals that stick to your bones. Oh so delicious! I also wanted to cleanse my body inside and out spiritually because of all the energetic shifts that have been happening in the world around me. A nice fresh clean slate of mind body and spirit. Oh so needed!

Let us breathe.

I meditated on this cleanse for about two days. I wanted to be sure I was going to do a cleanse that was right for me, for all the levels of my being. I chose to use my Unicorn Tea Blend along with The Plant Mama Alchemy Juice Detox. I chose do the 5-day plan. The five day plan requires you drink 6 -16.9 oz juices everyday for five days along with plenty of water. The Unicorn Tea Blend is to be consumes hot 2x a day, and steeped for 15 minutes before drinking.

The plan I created was the following: Daily Juicy Unicorn Cleanse

What you will need:

2 Bags of Unicorn Tea Blend

Plant Mama Alchemy Juice Cleanse

Tea Ball/disposable tea bags

Alkaline or purified water for daily drinking.


Wake up meditate and give thanks.

Set the intention for the day.

Drink 1 hot cup of Unicorn Tea Blend followed by 20 .oz of Water.

Wait 30 minutes Drink the first juice of the day. Followed by 20 .oz of water.

*Get into the practice of drinking 20 oz. of water after each cup of tea and each juice.

Drink the second cup of the Unicorn Tea Blend in the afternoon before 5pm.

You will not starve, trust me!

I spread out all six juices so that I am drinking a juice about every 3 hours. On the first day I instantly felt my energy increase and my tummy started to churn. Oh yeah... you will poop...a lot!

By day 2, I was feeling mentally refreshed and not hungry. My cravings began to subside by the end of day two. It wasn't difficult at all.

On day 3,I was in the swing of this thing. I had an increase in physical energy, my bloating was gone, and mental focus was off the chain. Spiritually I was seeing clearer than usual and the quality of my sleep was improving dramatically.

The juices are delicious. There are several different combinations of fruit and veggie juices to choose from. My favorites are Rising Sun (pineapple, orange, ginger, lemon), Blood Moon (beet, apple, ginger), Orange Moon, ( carrot, apple, ginger, turmeric), and Emerald (kale,cucumber,celery,apple,ginger,lemon). There are many more available at Plant Mama Alchemy. Shipping is provided in two parts to ensure freshness. Currently shipping is limited to the Baltimore area, tell her Old School Bruja sent ya!

On day 4 my focus was absolutely amazing. My digestive system feels at ease, my tummy feels good. and I am not feeling starved. My achy joints feel loose and limber,I feel vibrant and clear. I was able to be even more productive than usual. My sleep has improved drastically, I am very grateful for this.

On day 5 my final day, I am ready to do it again! I feel completely reset. Overall on the physical and spiritual level I feel clearer, cleaner, and rejuvinated. I will be keeping up with a monthly Juicy Unicorn Cleanse. I love this feeling and don't want to loose it!

**The Juicy Unicorn Detox is a collaboration of The 5 Day Juice Cleanse by Plant Mama Alchemy and Merlin & Blaise Tea Co. Unicorn Tea. **

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