"The Cleanse"...an excerpt from the Old School Bruja Spirit Diaries ™ written by Linnet V. Williams

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

...The moment I arrived at the top of the hill, the dense trees began to open up to a hilly meadow. I paused a moment to catch my breath. I took in the view. There were rolling hills of trees, with the tallest branches reaching for the sky. A melodic blend of orange, red, yellow, green, and violet painted the landscape. The sky was overcast but it was bright. A great gust of wind passed through me followed by a cool steady breeze. The breeze whispered, "Walk forward and through it." I was not sure what that meant but I was nudged forward by a gentle force. I continued to walk though I was becoming exhausted from my journey, I pause again. I look to my right and there is a path that leads to a lake. The path is lined with tall blades of feathery grass. Many of the tall blades were falling over into the path creating a beautiful canopy of brown and pink blades of grass falling into each other down the center. It felt welcoming and royal. The wind whispers to me again. This time with clear instructions...

"Open your arms wide. Look up, walk forward and let us cleanse you." A gust of wind pushed me forward and so I began, one foot in front of the other, arms wide open, head up to the sky... I walk through the canopy as I head down the path. The tall blades of brown grass gently brush over my head and face. I walk... the grass brushes over my torso and hips... forward...the grass turns pink and now I am surrounded by beautiful hues of pink and mauve. My entire body now brushed with these gorgeous blades of grass. The more I moved forward the lighter I felt. Flashes of images that were memories of sadness and pain were rising to the surface and dissolving like smoke dissolves into the atmosphere. I began to skip, I felt so light, so young. I was being renewed by each blade of grass. The wind washing my aura of debris. I felt clearer, and the connection with Spirit was palpable. I was surrounded by divine light, I was delirious with joy. From deep within my soul I was smiling. Looking up, arms wide open, I began to twirl I was smiling to the heavens. " THANK YOU!" I exclaim. As I get closer to the end of the path the foliage around me turns crimson red. The leaves under my boots, the vines, and now dead flowers all a glowing crimson.

I look back at the path I just walked. I notice the transition of colors from a dull brown, to blended hues of pink, and mauve to the vibrant crimson red, where I now stand. I see what Spirit just did to me. Outloud I say, " Thank you for the cleanse! I am grateful." I felt the cleanse on the deepest level of my being. I am overwhelmed with a peace that I release tears of joy. I continue down the hill now, where I come upon a lake. The wind blows and a man's voice softly says "Sit down". I look to my left, and just around the bend of the lake there is a bench. I take a sip of water and think to myself... There is so much more for me to see here. I that moment I hear the same voice say..." We have more to show you. You came to us for renewal and we made space for you. Move forward..." I begin moving forward...

The Nature Cleanse

Ritual: What you will need:

-Your favorite place in nature.

-Absolute silence

-Notebook and Pen

No other tools required.

Pick an early morning where you can make your way to your favorite place in nature in silence. Pick a spot where you can sit comfortably place your notebook and pen to the side.

Take three deep breaths and begin connecting with the Earth beneath you.

Feel the energy of mother Earth anchor you to her core preparing you for this ritual and journey. Breath deeply taking in the air and tuning in with the nature that surrounds you. Set your intention and begin with the following in silence: Cast your circle of protection

-Opening Prayer

-The Mediums Prayer

Sit in silence for 30 minutes. You may sit with your eyes open or closed, or both.

Listen to your stream of consciousness and begin writing, do not edit what you receive, do not try to analyze it or figure it out. Just write.

Take in nature all around you. Slowly and with intention, do not rush.

Once you are satisfied with your writing and sitting for thirty minutes stand up carefully, grab your things and begin walking in silence. As you walk let Spirit lead you. The old route you normally take may not be the route you are led to take this time.

Let Spirit lead you.

As you walk to listen to nature, take in the beauty of things dead and alive.

Notice the plants, animal life, the energy around you. Notice how your body feels at the moment. Breathe in the energy of the Earth and let it fill your body from head to toe. Allow it to heal areas that may be blocked or areas where you may be experiencing pain.

Let the light of our divine creator fill your being and heal these areas.

As you walk find or be led to a place in nature where you can spread your arms wide and look up at the sky while nature does the work on you. Dance, twirl, hop, jump skip, enjoy the moment with you, nature, and Spirit. Let the wind wash your aura as you spread your arms wide. Feel yourself becoming lighter, almost weightless, as your worries, blockages, and fears dissolve with the wind. Once you are done with your walk and cleanse in nature sit down on the ground. Place your hands in the ground, close your eyes and give thanks. Closeout your ritual and continue about your day with gratitude and humility. You can do this ritual as often as you like.

I was enveloped in Divine light... the freedom I felt was indescribable. .
The moment the cleanse was over...

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