Mindful Cleaning...slow down.

Have you ever taken the time to clean your home mindfully? Most of us usually rush through cleaning our space. It is not the most desirable chore. But what if you changed your mindset? What if you turned cleaning into an act of love towards your space. This means doing it slowly. Each item you clean or polish should be done with an appreciation for each item and its purpose. Ask yourself, "How do I feel about this item?" What does the item mean to you? If it doesn't bring about appreciation and joy,

evaluate why you are keeping it, and let it go with great appreciation for how it has served you and let it go. Notice the emotions and how you handle each item. Appreciate the ability to clean your space. The ability to move freely, bend and stretch. Appreciate and enjoy moving your muscles and feel them enjoying the movement. When you are done notice the energy shift in the space. Journal how you and the room both feel after you are done. Repeat as necessary.

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