Mercury Retrograde Tool Box for June - July 2020

Ahhh! Here we are again at another "Mercury Retrograde". This year has proven to be quite the challenge and yet here we are in another challenging astrological event. It best that you do not panic or feed into the energy that seems give "Mercury Retrograde" a bad name. Let us first get an understanding of what Mercury Retrograde is.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is called Paara Pratigaamee in Hindi. Mercury completes its orbit around the Sun in a short span of 88 days. At such a swift pace, the first planet of our Solar System becomes Retrograde three or four times in a calendar year. This means Earth watches Mercury Retrograde 3 - 4 times every year for about three weeks at a time. In comparison to Buddha Grah, outer planets have less frequent and longer-lasting periods of retrograde motion. In Mercury Retrograde, the planet appears to move in backward motion which is why the word "Retrograde" is used to denote the occurring. When the first planet of our Solar System goes into retrograde, it starts to appear moving "backward". This means people viewing it from Earth find it moving west to east instead of the normal movement which is east to west. However, this occurrence of the reversal movement of Mercury's orbit is just an illusion 

(source: Hindi Republic World)

During this time it is best to avoid: purchasing electronics, signing contracts,signing leases, entertaining ex-lovers, arguing, buying a car, or trying to make plans happen when everything is feeling, "backwards". I advise you to use Mercury Retrograde to study your craft, re-evaluate your action plans and goals. This is the time for lots of reflection, writing, feeding the soul with quality text and words of affirmation. I use Mercury Retrograde's energy to create new goals and vision boards. I am very flexible during this time. I am aware that my electronics may get janky, communication can get muddled, but I am patient and compassionate. Do not try to control anything. Focus on gaining clarity and inner peace as you navigate this astrological event.

It can be easy to let the confusing energy of Mercury in retrograde get under your skin, but why allow it? You have a choice in all things, yes, even a retrograde!

You can choose to react or block. Not everything deserves your energy. Your energy is sacred. So use this time to love and nurture that. What Brings You Joy? Remember a moment in this life when you were filled with child like joy. True happiness with not a worry in the world. You could be 8 years old or 8 months old, just take time to remember that joy. Notice where is manifests in your body and let it grow and flow through you. I remember how much blowing bubbles brought me joy. Through the seriousness of 2020, the simple act of blowing bubbles brought me child like joy. In that moment nothing else mattered, I just blew bubbles and happily popped them. Simple but joyous. As kids it didn't take much to capture joy in our hearts. Use this retrograde to rediscover child like joy with in. When we have joy and clarity in our hearts and minds we can create space for success.

Take your time, do not rush or force anything. Flow with the energy and pound at your blessings daily. This energy will pass soon so take advantage of it now.

Bruja Notes:

Mercury retrograde shadow period begins: June 2, 2020 ( you may begin to feel the effects during this time)

Mercury goes retrograde: June 17, 2020

Mercury goes direct: July 12, 2020

Shadow period ends: July 26, 2020

Be well, Be safe, Be filled with love,



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