Listen and Be Obedient! (?)

I would cringe when the nuns and teachers at my elementary alma mater would bark "LISTEN AND BE OBEDIENT" at me. It wasn't because I wasn't a good student, it was because I couldn't stay still during church service or be quiet during quiet time at the library. But that phrase always stuck with me. Anytime I would hear this phrase I would be triggered and rebel. Sending myself into a rebellious cycle of wasted energy and losing site of me.

Once I reclaimed myself, my spirit, my life, and my time and learned to be quiet and obedient I was feeling much better and doing much better. It is necessary for me to be quiet and obedient at times. The quiet allows me to create and be with myself, I am giving myself permission to speak with my heart and spirit team. I allow time for my happiness that is stored within me to grow. I open the channels with the Spirit world so I can get guidance and a better understanding of what is affecting me in this life. What changes do I need to make? Am I making clear decisions that are in line with me? I am patient and wait to receive the information. Then I had to be obedient when the message came and take it seriously. I have to have follow through at all times.

The times I didn't listen were the times where I lost the most. I was going against the advice of Spirit even though I asked for the answers and received a clear answers. I was disobedient. I didn't like the answers they gave me so I did what I wanted because I wanted what I wanted. I had to learn the hard way one too many times and now I am listening and obedient at all times. Obedience is not so much a bad thing. I just don't like people telling me what to do! A few good spiritual ass whoopin's and I am good to go. I could have avoided many of those ass whoopin's but such is life! Right?! Don't do what I did. I am trying to keep you from some of the suffering we have to endure in this life. LISTEN AND BE OBEDIENT. We have to endure some suffering to be the best and strongest soul we can be in this life, but why walk into suffering that can be avoided? Why do we do the complete opposite of what Spirit says? Why do we go to Spirit for guidance and answers but then don't take the advice and guidance?

Don't go to Spirit until you are ready to do the work that is going to be laid out for you.

Life is much easier when we simply listen and just be obedient.

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