How Does a Psychic Deal With Loss During a Pandemic?

Before the pandemic hit the United States I was getting warnings from the other realms that we were about to be in the midst of a major global emergency. Spirit described it as "the plague". They followed up "the plague" with war, civil unrest, and more death.

As I did my duty to warn people, I couldn't help but ask my self... "Am I prepared for this amount of death? What will happen to all the souls? Will they be lost? Will they need help? Will they be assisted automatically?" I had valid concerns and anxieties.

As time goes on and the death toll rises there have been many nights where I am awaked by a number of unknown souls standing in my bedroom asking for help. I couldn't help but be sad because they were truly lost and seeking clarity. Many didn't even know they were dead. My heart would break but I would do my job. I unite them with their spirit guides, higher self, and bring them to the light. It is always a beautiful experience. Watching them go off and sensing their relief as they see and feel the comfort and peace on the other side.

One morning, a few weeks ago, it was about 6:40 am, I was awakened by the sound of a flock of geese flying over my home. The sun was bright, the sky was pristine blue. Not a cloud in the sky. I immediately jumped out of bed to give thanks for the new day and watch the geese fly by in their annual obligatory migration ritual. I get up and look out the window and up to the sky. I see a flock of pure white geese moving toward the sun. They were directly overhead. I know I had just woken up, but I don't think I had ever seen white geese flocking before. So I grabbed my phone to take pictures of this beautiful and rare scene. I sit in gratitude and watch them fly off as they got smaller and smaller until I couldn't see them anymore.

At that moment I felt the presence of what I now know to be an angel. The voice was nothing I had ever heard before, but I was covered in light when they spoke. All the angel said was... "they are safe" and then a cool breeze moved through my room. I immediately filled with joy and celebration over their life and transition. I grabbed my phone to look at the images I captured. To my surprise, there was not one bird in the shot. Just a singular little cloud against the bright blue backdrop of the sky. I just smiled and said, "Thank you". I felt an instant calming.

After that moment I knew that my job was to keep a vigil for the souls that were transitioning. There are so many that pass through my home on a daily basis now that I can't keep up. Some days the energy of the souls is heavy. It makes my heart and head so heavy that all I can do is rest and pray. Last night I had a slew of spirits passing through again. Not to mention the three people that were killed near my home last night. The activity can be overwhelming, but I am made for this. I do not try to figure out everyone's needs, that is not practical. I collectively feel the energy and send them to light so they can be assisted by their respective spiritual team.

My job at this moment is to assist them.

In my day to day life in quarantine, I am meeting with clients virtually, providing grief counseling, and healing services. Every day we are losing people. Since March 8, 2020, I have lost 8 friends and acquaintances, today is April 24th, 2020. Family and friends all over the country are infected and they too are losing people daily. The weight of the current global crisis is heavy for a psychic. But it is even heavier for frontline workers, people watching their family members die at home, and then have to sit with a body for hours and sometimes days before the city/county morgue can pick them up.

We are all in the midst of experiencing trauma. We all need to support each other any way we can. We are in it together.

When I dedicated myself to Spirit, I knew that with this dedication came great responsibility. I was never promised that it would be all unicorns and pretty magical beings. I am way smarter than that. I knew that dedicating my life to spirit means that I will have to face death, darkness, extreme sadness, and dramatic transformations. I knew that I would be put in the path of people who were deeply broken and had no more hope. I knew what this meant and I stick to my word and my practice. This is the hardest time for a psychic. Between the living and the dead collectively experience grief, loss, trauma, and transition, all we can do is stay grounded, focused, and protected. We cannot neglect our self-care. We need more rest now than ever before. I allow myself to experience the emotions that come with all of it, but I do not sit in the sadness or grief. I acknowledge it, respect it, and transfer the energy into something productive. I do something that makes me happy daily. I talk to my friends on video chat, I dance, clean, sing, cook, exercise, I do all the things that bring me joy. To my fellow practitioners, I stand with you in this. We have jobs to do, and we must do them impeccably. We must honor ourselves and the souls that are transitioning. We must make our self-care and health a priority so we can do this job effectively. I give you the gift of strength, clarity, and inner peace as we navigate this together and live our purpose in gratitude. Don't give up! We will lift each other up when one falls down. Giving up is never an option. In love and strength,


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