Finding Peace Within You

Take your time with this exercise. No need to rush. Stay consistent and give yourself time to be in the space of peace and silence.

Take three deep breaths in, rest and then ask yourself this question out loud.

Where does "peace" live inside of me? Notice where you feel it in your body. Bring your attention to that part of your body. Ask yourself " Why do you feel it in this part of my body? Why do I feel "peace" here more than any other place in my body? What does it mean to you?

Bring all of your awareness of this area of the body. Now with every breadth expand it to the other parts of the body. Feel it radiate from the core of your body out to your feet, hands, and the top of your head. How does it make you feel? Let that feeling of peace and calm take over you. Notice if you see or feel the color of calm all around you. What color is it? Let it cover you and surround you. Breathe it in.

Notice how your legs feel loose, limp, and relaxed. Feel the heaviness of your legs, the grounding energy. You are now feeling anchored and peaceful. Slowly open your eyes and feel yourself coming back to center. You will be feeling calm for quite sometime after. Journal your experience and repeat as often as you can.

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