Feel That Shift?

You may be feeling lighter as the temperature slowly rises. The sun is getting warmer, birds are chirping and suddenly you feel somewhat refreshed, rejuvenated is more like it!

You can almost feel cookout invites on the way. You’re getting ready to wear less and go out more. You are getting ready for summer 2019! But let’s go deeper than that. Let’s remember Mercury just went direct, but some of you may still be feeling the funk of winter and retrograde fuckery sloughing off like dead skin.

Well, honey, it’s the shadow period! Thankfully, it ends COMPLETELY on April 17th. The shadow period is residual energy, just think of it as the tail end of the energy still trying to get it's shit together. But from now until then enjoy the shedding. Take this time under this gorgeous new moon energy, to clean house. No not just social media, your actual house! Get the spring cleaning started, do something each day, starting today. But you must be done by April 17th! As you cleanse your physical space you will simultaneously cleanse your spirit. Increase your healing bath rituals and release whatever residual energy is remaining from winter and retrograde.

Create your own healing body scrub! Salt, rosemary, hyssop, lavender and lemongrass herbs and oils mixed together should do the trick. This is just an example that you can use. Use your intuition and make what works for you! Set the intention, get in the shower and shed that old energy!

Welcome the shift and respect the process.

-La Fuerza

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