Embrace The Decade: A Spell for 2020

2020 is the year of walking the paths we have opened with authority. We are entering the decade standing strong, be prepared to embrace the new energy of the decade with the following spell.

Prepare the bath first.

You will need lavender, hyssop, rose petals, cloves, bay leaves, cinnamon, black pepper

(whole), cascara sagrada, calendula, chamomile, rosemary. One gold candle. Take 1 large spoon full dried herb mix and place it to the side to dress the candle. Boil a large pot of water adding contents of herbs mid-boil. Standing in your power, with your hands over the boiling contents and with all your intention repeat the following three times:

I (say your name) leave the pain and blockages of the past decade behind me. I look towards the new decade with optimism. Taking with me the lessons that perfect my soul.

I walk into the new decade fully aware of my power and the ability to manifest all I desire. I exceed the goals that I set for myself. Everything I touch transforms into abundant beauty.

I walk into 2020 with the wisdom and protection of my ancestors. The ancestors push me to exceed the greatness and success that they have prayed over my soul for generations before my birth. I am the manifestation of their prayers.

I welcome the blessings and growth in the new decade.

I am forever grateful.

Ase. And so it is.

Grab your gold candle. Cleanse candle. Take the herbs you set aside and crush them in the pestle and mortar. Dress the candle with the holy oil of your choice and cover the candle in the crushed herbs. Repeat the previous request above three times, thinking of your intention as you dress the candle. Place the candle in a safe dish/holder, and place it on your altar.

Prepare your bath with very hot water, add three cups of sea salt and add the herbal bath mix to your water. Set the mood, it is your spell! Light the candle and settle into your bath focusing on the new decade ahead.

Remember to always give thanks!

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