Do You Need a Silent Retreat?

Beep! Rrrring! Chime! Your day has started and it’s already flooded with noise, getting yourself and the kids ready, commuting,the morning rush is in full effect. Last night you were catching up on your latest binge worthy series, viral kitty videos, and Instagram tutorials just before your eyes gave up the good fight and surrendered for the night.

This morning started the same as every morning and you are still tired. As you go about your day you are expelling energy. Energy you clearly don’t have enough of because you are bombarded by outside forces. Your mind, body, and Spirit never really shut down. You absorb the energy of those you come into contact with and internalize situations that you have no control over. Let us not forget to mention our poor food sources,environmental stress, physical ailments and well...LIFE!

So the question is... Do YOU need a silent retreat?

If you have never been on a silent retreat, I can guarantee that a retreat in silence will change your life. I am not being dramatic. Real talk! 48 hours in nature with no cell phone, television, NO WIFI! It is you and Spirit communing. You can rest in your bed and fall asleep to nature outside your window. Yes, you can sleep outside too! I am a "glamping" girl, I like a cozy bed and cabin. No Judgments. The point I am making is that a silent retreat is your time to reconnect with self and Spirit. The messages I receive when I go on silent retreats are incredible. But most importantly the peace and healing vibration that my body receives is unlike any other. Mother Earth will heal you if you let Her. We need to make time to sit with Her. We need to give ourselves permission to rest and restore in the deepest way possible. We deserve it! So what now? You and me, we are going on a silent retreat! We are going to the woods. We will be in cabin where we will be in silence for 2 whole days. The last day we will commune, celebrate, and reflect. I know you want to come! So let's get you there!

Silent retreats are necessary! Can't come to our retreat? Create one at home! Shut it ALL down and stay in silence for a few hours or an entire day. It is not so easy when you are at home, but you can try!

(Retreat Information located in the website)

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