Create the Life you Want (Okanran Ika)

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

"Your head and heart will drive your passion."

I write this because Spirit brought this reading to me as a reminder. I needed to remember that I have created the life I wanted. I will explain. But first let's talk about Okanran Ika. This Odu (parable, poem) comes with the guidance to move forward and create and take advantage of opportunities. This takes courage. It takes courage to finish what you started especially when it takes you out of your comfort zone. This is my life. Okanran Ika is my life.

I remember when I was a little girl I had dreams of being a famous ballerina, with my own botanica, who also had her own talk show. I would get dressed up in my mother's heels and put on her work suit, set up my stage and begin giving adults advice on their character and relationships. My parents always appeased me and engaged in my " talk show" theatrics. I was about five or six years old, a tiny little thing with long wild curly hair hair, who spoke freely, and had so much courage. My mother let me be a free spirited child. She never hindered me from my creativity. I can't say much for them men in my family. They never understood or really liked me for being free, courageous, and creative. I was a threat. At six years old I already knew this about myself. I would face great hardships that always tested my womanhood and interrupted my creativity. By my late 20's I knew I wanted a different life. I wanted freedom, creativity, and adventure. I knew I wanted to help people find their soul's purpose and heal. Deeply heal. For a long time I was looking for that life through others and I sought outward instant gratification. That was useless. I was never able to feed my spirit that way. No one could feed my spirit like I do.

Once I committed to creating the life I wanted I was met with adversity. Family and friends called me "crazy", told me I wouldn't amount to anything. I was called "evil" by my own relatives. I could have easily let this keep me from my greatness. But I had enough of the oppression and jealousy from my elders, family, and friends. I knew my happiness was my responsibility. I sow my own seeds of prosperity and harvest my own blessings. While on my journey to growth and spiritual elevation I was met with illness that almost killed me. I was on my death bed surrounded by family and friends. In that same circle were my enemies disguised as loved ones. They sub-consciously and consciously wished death upon me. I was betrayed by those I loved while as I was dying. Until one night in the hospital I dozed off, as soon as I closed my eyes I saw my mother who grabbed my hand walked me out the door and into a galaxy. I was floating in the stars. Planets I did not recognize and women with bird like faces surrounded me. My mother said," I brought you to the Iyaami. Let them heal you". In that exact moment my toes were breaking one bone at a time. One by one, ankles, shins, knees, hips, ribs, arms, fingers, neck. Each rib broken one by one. I floated amongst the Iyaami, planets, and my mother, completely broken. I was broken and vulnerable. I was not scared but I was not ready for what came next. My skin ripped completely off of me. I was in agony. My mother repeating in the background, "Let them heal you, you will be ok."

The scene changed and I was lying in the middle of a corn field, broken, bloody, skinless. My mother appeared and simply said "Breathe" she passed her hands over my body. I began to grow and restore. She then said, "We needed you to be broken and raw so you can see how much power and purpose you have. You are dying today. As you die you will be reborn." I took a deep breath in and I was thrust back into my physical body. I opened my eyes to see my mother standing next to me tell me to move my legs. "You can walk" she said. I moved my legs. She said I am healed but I must commit to my greatness, my power, my path. My higher self came to me and told me what my purpose and work is, but said my journey will start off pretty bumpy because of the layers I needed to release and the people in my life needed to be exposed. The more I released the more came up until I finally surrendered it all. That moment of surrender was when I was committed to creating the life I wanted. I gave ebo, I gave reverence to my ancestors. Most importantly I had to be honest with myself. I had to look myself in the mirror and address my own shit and truly reconcile it within my spirit.

When I centered myself and came back fully into the moment I felt completely new. My legs were working like normal, I could breathe without pain. I felt strong. I knew I still had to recover from the illness but I had a new resounding strength within me. I was able to get up and walk without assistance. I walked out of the hospital and into my new life. I set intentions, and began pounding at my blessings daily. Everyday I manifested growth and healing. I dreamed of what my work would look like. I wrote it down and began working on it. Not long after the shift happened. My practice exploded and people from all over the world began reaching out to me for my services. Gifts of healing and spiritual divinity washed over me. I couldn't stop now. Everyday that I anoint myself I recommit to my ancestors, my orishas, my goals. Ancestors guiding me through every obstacle thrown at me, with ease. I surrendered and allowed spirit to transform me as I took my goals and dedication to Spirit seriously.

My mother is always guiding me from the spiritual realms, she brought me my entire business plan in a dream. She told me this is the foundation for the blessings to come. I have the choice to follow it or not. My choices will determine my destiny. I committed to my passion and my purpose. Here I am, years later living my dream. I created the life I wanted. I am still creating and growing, that is constant. My point is... the only thing stopping you from creating the life you want is you. Now is your time to embrace it and nurture it. It could be many things. Focus on what feeds your spirit and aligns with your path. Move forward with have the power to create the life you want.

The Odu ( Okanran Ika) Old School Bruja cast dafa for her Ori

Who was lying in her death bed

Who was told that she would have success and long life but first make an offering.

Old School Bruja went to Orun and met the Iyaami who said death is near.

Give ebo to avoid death.

She went to the fields and met with the Egun

Give ebo for long life.

Old School Bruja was going to beat death.

Give ebo for protection against enemies.

She gave ebo. She beat death. Before long, not far she increased personal ashe.

Connection to spirit leads to rebirth

Rebirth leads to ire.

She praised her Ori

She praised Orisha

Very soon, at no distant date fame and fortune coming to pass.


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