Awaken Covered in Gratitude

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Focus on one thing that you are grateful for. Breathe into it and let it come to the forefront of your mind. Let it sweep over you and fill you up. Focus on why you feel that way and let it rise to the surface.

Allow the feeling of gratitude to sweep over and through you.

Notice how it makes you feel. Acknowledge where it manifests itself in your body and what it feels like. Let your appreciation swell even more until it fills all of you. Let that feeling overtake you and fill you with the deepest gratitude. Have that feeling grow with you long as you can. Carry that gratitude with you throughout your day. Notice when something happens that diminishes it and counteract that effect by focusing again on your gratitude. Journal about where this gratitude resides in you. Practice awakening in gratitude daily.

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