A Quarantine Survival Tool Kit

As we navigate this crazy time I wanted to share with you how I'm maintaining my sanity. Remember to always be gentle with yourself and listen to your body and Spirit.

Worrying isn't going to help us right now. Worry will only create more blockages, hinder your self-healing and connection with your higher-self. Take the anxious energy and transform it into comfort and deep knowing. Creating a routine and sticking to it will help you a great deal.

" I love mornings! One of the joys of working from home is that I get to see the sunrise every morning."

I love the peace and quiet of the morning. It is my time to get my day started the way I want. Now that you are not leaving the house for work/school, you should continue waking up at the time you normally would on a regular work schedule. However, now you have the opportunity to take your mornings back and make your morning routine productive for your well being.

I rise with the sun. Every day I wake up when the sun begins to rise. This is rain or shine! I am strict on this because getting up early allows me to have time in the silence and time with Spirit. I give thanks for the new day, the new beginning and set the intentions for the day. I do my morning routine of cleansing my face and body and then I meditate. I stay in meditation for 10-15 minutes, leaving the meditation music on to play throughout the house. You are setting the mood and intention for the day, keep that same energy with you as you go about your day. I then take my time to drink my coffee or tea and just be. I wait about two hours before looking at emails or anything work-related. Avoid watching the news or toxic social media as much as possible. Take a break from the tube and cell phone and do something more positive and productive. This is where that "House List" comes in. Do a walkthrough of your entire home and make a list of things that need to be done in each room of your home. Dedicate time to do at least two things on the list each day. Do not cheat yourself by skipping over any item or pushing it off until tomorrow. You will feel accomplished and you are moving your body around; getting much-needed exercise. Additionally, look at this as a time to love on your living space. We are always in a rush, and now slowing down is mandatory. Slow down when cleaning your home.

Clean with gratitude.

Ask your family or housemates to be apart of projects. I make it fun. I blast music, and make it a karaoke cleaning extravaganza! By the end of the "extravaganza", the house is clean, I sang, danced, laughed, and now I can relax and focus on just resting.

"Do what you loved to do before you got too busy to do it."

Think back to a moment, could be months, years, decades ago when you had time to do what you loved to do. For example, I love to garden, dance, and cook. I was so busy, even working from home, that I had no time to do what I loved to do. Things that had nothing to do with my work whatsoever. Just mine. The things that I love. I am embracing them again. The things that made me love home were so lost in running a business that I lost track of those things. During this time, I get to fall in love with all those things again. Oh, and Books! How I love thee! My reading list consists of books I already own that I have not touched since getting them at the free book store. My goal is set to read one book a week. Set goals for yourself each week, this keeps you accountable and doesn't allow room for laziness.

Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes. Keep the body moving even more than you normally would. I love to workout and created the OSB Dance Fitness Fun Group to help you during this time. Its a fun fitness group. We use household items in the workout to keep it fresh, with no expensive equipment necessary!

Health tip: Water is your friend! Drink water all day long. Staying hydrated is necessary! Drink half your weight in ounces each day for optimum hydration.

"Practicing intentional resting on a schedule is optimal when in quarantine."

Our internal clocks can feel "off "because of the anxiety of the rapidly changing world around us. I set my bedtime alarm for 9:30 pm every night. By 9:30 pm I am in bed, winding down. Set the tone for sleep. Shut off all electronics and set your phone to DND. Your I.C.E.(In Case of Emergency) contacts can still reach you while your phone is on DND. I burn incense, shut off the lights, get cozy and set my intention to get restorative sleep and that I remember my dreams. I like to have meditation music playing in the background, soothing me to sleep.

Go outside if you can. Open the windows and get some fresh air. We all need Vitamin D from the sun and going outside is good for our mental health. Video chat with friends and family. stay connected with those who matter to you most.

Finances are a source of stress for many. I am not rich by any means so I must be resourceful, I called all of my service providers and made arrangements. Most companies will work with you, just call them!

Maintain a ritual for your Spirit. Now is the time to connect on the deepest level and practice self-healing. Energy healing, offerings, and spiritual cleansings are essential now. We are set up to do the self-care and healing we have been denying our selves because as life continues we forget that these things are important to us. Teas can help with your spiritual work and overall health. I drink my herbal teas daily, not only do the teas boost my immune system but gives me peace of mind. This quarantine has brought me to a place of deep gratitude. I appreciate the slowdown. Honestly, I have been asking for a slow down so I can catch my breath and spend more time with Spirit. I am taking this time to conserve my energy and deepen my connection with Spirit. My relationships are deepening and growing in new ways. They are growing in ways I couldn't have imagined pre-quarantine. I am grateful for that. My health and self-care are even more of a priority than ever before. I have to be healthy! I have to be here for you right?

Take care of yourself. You are needed. Ase

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