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Old School Bruja LLC is a boutique owned and operated by award-winning radio host and entrepreneur, Iyalode Ifa, Linnet ”Awo”Harris. Offering a unique collection of her brands now available, Old School Bruja celebrates Linnet’s creative and entrepreneurial spirit. From jewelry artisan to fashion creator, tea aficionado to laundry company owner, Linnet  brings her Brooklyn, NY roots to the forefront in everything she does. Her mission is to uplift and empower her community through her creativity and passion. Visit Old School Bruja today to discover the magic of Linnet’s world!

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My Story

Old School Bruja LLC is a boutique with a unique mission. I started out as a spiritual healer and coach with over 35 years of training from generations of brujas and curanderas, and eventually discovered my passion for creative arts. I do not believe in being boxed in, so I gathered all of my passions to share them with you. I create all of my products from the heart, with love. My dreams are limitless, and I hope to show you the possibilities that my passion brings. Come check out Old School Bruja LLC and see what I have to offer!


We are always looking for new opportunities, wholesale partners, and more to help our business grow. If you are interested in collaborating, please don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear from you and discuss how we can work together. Let's connect contact us today!

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